Lynne Goldberg & Rui Mota Pinto


"CREATIVE PLANNING - The Art Of Crafting Unique Weddings"

by Rui Mota Pinto & Lynne Goldberg

3 Outubro  2023 / October 3th  2023


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Um casamento é uma experiência. Mais do que simplesmente um espaço deslumbrante, ou uma decoração incrivel, ou comida fantástica, um casamento é uma experiência de sentidos onde todos os elementos devem criar uma harmonia perfeita para oferecer vivências e memórias inesquecíveis. A criatividade assume um papel preponderante na criação de eventos únicos, e tal como um artesão um criador e desenhador de casamentos desenvolve a sua arte criativa para que a experiência se torne única, inesquecível e irrepetível.


A wedding is an experience.

More than simply a stunning space, or incredible decoration, or fantastic food, a wedding is an experience of the senses where all the elements must create perfect harmony to offer unforgettable experiences and memories.

Creativity plays a preponderant role in the creation of unique events, and just like a craftsman, a wedding creator and designer develops their creative art so that the experience becomes unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable.

Rui Mota Pinto

Rui Mota Pinto is a Portuguese Wedding Creator and Designer, recognized for his "Concept Weddings", for his unique creativity and vast knowledge in the wedding industry. His creations are today a reference in the art of creating exclusive events with a unique personality and identity.

For Rui "a wedding is an experience of the senses and should reflect not only the couple's story but also the soul of the creator of the event"

"Being unique isn't just about being different, it's also about putting a little of ourselves, a little of our DNA, our history and our soul into each creation" says Rui Mota Pinto

With several international certifications he is the only Master Wedding Planner in Portugal, being also the only one with the recognition of Wedding Tourism Specialist, and one of the few with specialized training in Destination Weddings, being the most accredited Wedding Planner in Portugal.

He is the founder of WeddingLab and a trainer at the International HostsAcademy academy. He also develops his mentor program for national and international wedding planners

Nowadays Rui Mota Pinto plans and designs weddings all over the world, including Dubai, Italy and Mexico among other destinations.

Lynne Goldberg

“Behind your wedding is a beautiful love story to be told. My passion is to be your story teller.” – Lynne Goldberg
Lynne Goldberg, founder of Ms Wedding Planner, is best known for her professionalism, creative energy, and attention to detail. Her passion for cutting edge ideas and innovative options makes this award winning, published, event specialist one of the most sought- after wedding planners in the country.

As an active member of the theatrical and philanthropic community in NYC, Lynne played an intricate role in planning and executing high profile events throughout the city before setting up a second residence and business location in South Florida. With 15 years of experience in event curating, Lynne has successfully executed high end, luxury weddings across the country, using her home bases in South Florida and NYC as her main portholes. Drawing upon a diverse educational background that includes writing, theatrical production and directing, Lynne is able to conceptualize, visualize and execute extraordinary weddings for a diverse clientele.

From intimate beach weddings shared by a few close friends to 600 person wedding extravaganzas, Lynne is passionate about every one of her weddings and events.

“Most couples who hire me don’t want to copy someone else’s wedding,” says Lynne “They want to do something that’s different. Whether its adding a reenactment of how the couple met, or designing a wedding scape of everything meaningful that the couple cherish or adding a wedding theme or bringing in an unexpected wedding entertainer, at the end of the day, most clients ask me to create something that’s utterly unique and I love the challenge. For me a unique wedding experience defines the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding”


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